As-Built Documentation

When it comes to producing Revit/CAD models, we pride ourselves in utilizing the most efficient processes for creating models from existing building conditions. - Learn more at

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3D Laser Scanning

Our company was founded around utilizing technology. 3d laser scanning of existing building conditions is a fast, accurate and cost effective as-built documentation process. - Learn more at: 

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Thermal Imaging

Thermal Image Camera

Understanding the invisible truth about your facility is extremely important in today’s operations. When it comes to utilizing Thermal Images, one of our certified techs can highlight potential threats like, water intrusion, energy loss, hot points and much more. – Contact us to learn more:

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We've Been There

Since 2006, we have specialized in providing 3d laser scanning and as-built documentation. Providing these services, our travels have taken us all across America. When your project requires mobilization to any corner of the country, the team at 3D Imaging Services can get it done.

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