3D Laser scanning: Overview

By using the most advanced techniques in 3D laser scanning, our team captures comprehensive, as-built measurements in high resolution. Our scanners collect up to 1 million 3D measurements every second. Each measurement represents a point in space, and the collection of measurements is called a point-cloud.

Our technically savvy personnel and sophisticated computer programs optimize the massive data we collect; as a result, we deliver as-built documentation more rapidly than ever before in the most common file formats. Designers, architects, engineers and others can quickly integrate this data into their project for fast, accurate BIM Models and other construction documents.

Because 3D Imaging Services can additionally use cameras with infrared sensors, we can conduct thermal imaging during your high resolution reality capture. We can inspect mechanical equipment and quickly provide technicians with troubleshooting information or even predict equipment failure through regular surveying.

Example Solutions

  • Architectural and historical scanning
  • Commercial mechanical, electrical and plumbing scanning
  • Plant scanning
  • Civil and infrastructure scanning
  • Power and energy scanning
  • Construction verification and monitoring scanning
  • Specialized project needs 

Areas of Focus

  • Power & Energy 
  • Manufacturing and Process
  • Educational, Healthcare and Pharmaceutical
  • Commercial 
  • Government
  • More
High Resolution Reality Capture

Our Equipment

We use Leica ScanStation P40 scanners and Leica MS60 Multistation surveying equipment. These tools offer the industry’s best combination of accurate measurements, longest ranges and fastest speeds. We can maintain +/-1.2 mm accuracy at an 800-foot range. Our equipment is also rugged. We can scan in dirty, dusty or humid conditions, such as grain elevators or machinery rooms. Our scanners operate in temperatures ranging from -4°F to 125°F, so rooms with hot equipment can be scanned while in operation, saving time and money.

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