As-Built Documentation

3D CAD systems have become the standard design tool for engineers, architects and others because the 3D digital format increases productivity so dramatically. 3D CAD systems have been available since the early 1970s, but until recently, any 3D model built from measurements of existing structures was suspect because taking the measurements was tedious, prone to errors, expensive, and often a dangerous job. No longer.

3D Imaging Services produces complete, accurate 3D models for our clients in a small fraction of the time and at a small fraction of the cost of any manual effort. Because our 3D models are based on the point clouds, we can deliver 3D models in virtually any format our clients need. We can build models at any level of detail our clients need, from simple structural models to finely detailed, complex MEP models. Combining our special methods and sophisticated software, we can deliver 3D models more rapidly than ever before.

The ease, speed, and accuracy of data collection by 3D laser scanning have lead to a newer use of the technology. Owners, constructors, and others are using laser scanning during and after new construction to validate the work and to turn over truly accurate as-built documentation

Popular As-Built Deliverables:
Point-Clouds / 2D Drawings / 3D Models / MeshSurface Models / CAD / Revit

As-Built Documentation Projects