As-Built Modeling: Overview

Until recently, any 3D model built from measurements of existing structures was suspect because taking measurements was tedious, prone to errors,
expensive and often dangerous. No longer.

After scanning, 3DIS converts the point-cloud data to a precise 3D model. Our experienced trades personnel also identify building systems to create an accurate, data-rich model that can be quickly turned over for Building Information Modeling.

We can build models at any level of detail our clients need, from simple structural models to finely detailed, complex MEP models. MEP models contain useful information on each component of the building, such as maintenance manuals, manufacturers’ recommendations, specifications and other links. They can also house dynamic data from sensors or analysis of energy, light, stress and more.

Example Solutions

  • Detailed Architectural Models
  • Structural Models 
  • Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) Models
  • Building Information Models (BIM)
  • Topographical Modeling
  • Infrastructure and Transportation Models
  • Industrial and Process Facilities Models 

Areas of Focus

  • Power & Energy 
  • Manufacturing and Process
  • Educational, Healthcare and Pharmaceutical
  • Commercial 
  • Government
  • More

As-Built Modeling for Sight & Sound Theatres

3D Imaging Services took on the challenge of scanning and modeling the 2,000+ seat theater. Other scanning companies turned down this job, telling Sight & Sound "We Can't Do That." 3D Imaging Services was able to apply its sophisticated technology to these unusual conditions and achieve what others thought was impossible.

Sample Projects

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