BIM Coordination: Overview

Instead of turning over a 3D model to the project team, 3D Imaging Services can collaborate with the owner, design professionals and construction managers to lead multi-trade BIM coordination. Our data-rich BIM model can include all major elements and building systems, including architectural components, plumbing, HVAC, electrical, fire protection and more. By coordinating these systems in the 3D model, we ensure constructibility and prevent clashes from occurring on the job site. Rework in the field is costly and time-consuming -- accounting for as much as 15% of a project’s cost -- but can be avoided through accurate coordination.

Because we’re part of the Egan Family of Companies, 3DIS partners frequently with mechanical contractor and fabricator Andy J. Egan Co. During coordination, we incorporate our field staff’s trade knowledge in order to design for ease of access to systems and equipment for future maintenance. We are also able to identify opportunities for project modularization. We can construct those components in-house at Egan’s 60,000 square-foot fabrication shop, which reduces on-site construction time and project costs.


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