BIM for facilities management: Overview

BIM for Facilities Management is our proven solution to managing and using the complex data about a building and all of its components. Our solution organizes and maintains the data throughout the building’s life, from design to construction to turnover to maintenance to decommissioning.

Imagine a single, easily accessible database with all relevant OEM manuals, design specs, maintenance records, etc. In addition, we then integrate the systems used for building life-cycle management into a single, tailored management solution.


  • A single point of access and management of assets for facilities personnel
  • Facilities personnel can collaborate in the cloud and track maintenance history on equipment
  • Facilities personnel can easily access equipment drawings and OEM manuals while they are in the field
  • Facilities personnel can create preventative maintenance plans
  • Facilities personnel can create tasks and track issues directly related to a piece of equipment
  • Facilities personnel can create detailed maintenance and equipment reports

The Savings

  • On average, $0.25 per square foot is lost every year due to poor asset data management
  • You will achieve greater savings in labor
  • You will have better understanding of processes and equipment
  • You will reduce the number of trips to resolve issues
  • Your data will be available to all of the facility’s personnel on their mobile devices.
  • You will become better organized and SAVE.


Technology Partner

EcoDomus is the leading provider of software for building lifecycle management services, integrating systems and data used for Building Information Models (BIM), Building Automation Systems (BAS), Facilities Management Systems (FMS/CMMS/ CAFM), and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). EcoDomus PM is an online project oriented solution that helps design and construction firms utilize Lean principles and manage BIM and COBie processes. EcoDomus FM is an online facility oriented solution that allows building owners and managers to benefit from BIM data for building lifecycle management.