Point-Cloud Analysis: Overview

During the life of many buildings, both structural and non-structural components endure movement and deformation due to aging, construction, and geological shifts. Although the deformations and movements are not life-threatening, deficient design of the buildings and associated non-structural components could be costly in the long-run, and in order to ensure proper behavior of the superstructures, the non-structural elements should not be ignored. 

3D laser scanning and surveys of buildings while they are in service are becoming more common. The surveys allow engineers to quickly develop preventive maintenance plans, monitor the rate of deterioration, create analysis reports, and limit the possibility of catastrophic failure. Commonly, monitoring detects differential column shortening, lateral story drift, slab and beam deflection, thermal deformation, et al. As long as the inevitable movement and deformation of the structures are not ignored, and the proper, timely, preventive steps are taken, the costs can be limited. Aging, deformation, and movement are inevitable. 3D laser scanning is the most cost-effective tool to monitor large structures and lower remediation costs. 

Example Solutions

  • Comparative analyses (design vs. as-constructed)
  • Regularly scheduled monitoring for movement (structures, landscapes, etc.)
  • Comparative shift analyses
  • Poly-line detection of cracks
  • Detection of spalling & other surface deformations
  • Detection of thermal anomalies
  • Detailed models for volumetric, stockpile analyses, et al.
  • Point-cloud data for engineering and construction
  • High detailed mesh models
  • Engineering verification solutions

Areas of focus 

  • Structures
  • Infrastructure
  • Historical Preservation
  • Restoration & Renovation 
  • Building Enclosure & Façades
  • Forensic Analysis 
  • Civil Engineering
  • Transportation 
  • Construction, Engineering & Design

Project Examples

Façade Analysis & Monitoring
Waldorf Astoria, New York, NY

Floor Elevation Map
Manufacturing Floor, MI

Design vs. As-Constructed Analysis
Detroit Zoo, Detroit, MI

Façade Movement Detection
Waldorf Astoria, New York, NY

Floor Level Analysis
Herman Miller, New York, NY

As-Built Deviation Analysis
Holland Energy Park, MI