3D Imaging Services presented to the American General Contractors Association in Orlando, Florida on March 17th talking on the topic of Scan to BIM. The presentation demonstrated how 3D Imaging Services uses phase base laser scanning equipment for documenting existing conditions in 3D.

3D Imaging Services provided a live demonstration and exhibited how laser scanning equipment precisely measures 360° horizontal and 320° vertical and document up to 503ft. (153m) at the rate of up to 976,000 points-per-second. This data generates a true-to-life virtual image comprised of 3D measurement points, with the precision of these laser scanners at +/- 2 mm.

After demonstrating the laser scanners capabilities, precision and discussing optimal scanning environments, 3D Imaging Services talked about best practices. This interactive discussion included best practices for converting the scan data into a usable CAD base format for Autodesk or Bentley products too cost savings and project implementation.

To learn more on this presentation or discuss cost saving solutions please contact us at 810-410-9010.