How much earth and old landfill must you remove in order to build the irregularly shaped foundation of a newly designed, multi-story building? The volume of material moved affects the cost of the project. Good estimates of cost are difficult without an accurate assessment of the material to be moved, which is dependent on the current shape of the surface. 3D laser scanning answers this and other questions through volumetric analysis.

Solution: One, scan the site before any work has been done. Two, tie the scan data to the same coordinate system as the building. Three, import the design into the scan data. Run a volumetric analysis program that calculates the cubic yards of material to be removed and the cubic yards of earth to be added around the building to bring the site to the new ground level.

Moreover, the ground is currently in three layers. An overburden, old land fill from 100 years ago, and original earth. By scanning at several points in the project, laser scanning can calculate the volume of the overburden removed, the volume of landfill debris removed to a new location, the volume of earth removed from below the landfill, and the swell. And scanning can tell if the shape of the hole in the ground matches the design shape.

Each scan and its volume calculation would take less than one day.

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