Many of our prominent clients place special emphasis on workplace safety, laser scanning can make a contribution. During renovations and in new construction, careful measurements are often necessary. If a building is old or damaged, if some areas are difficult to access, if the superstructure of new construction must be verified, then there’s a real danger of accidents trying to take such measurements manually. Not to mention the delays in figuring out how to measure pipes and beams sticking out at odd angles sixty feet in the air.

Case Example: 

A football stadium originally constructed in the 1930s, and modified several times since, is scheduled for improvements. One such improvement is a set of decorative panels that must be hung in a precise elliptical arc around the outside structure of the stadium.

The panels hang from the girders that project out from the stadium at about 80 feet in the air. None of the girders are the same length, yet the panels must hang from them precisely aligned. Each girder must be measured to 1/4 inch in X,Y,&Z directions and compared to the design arc. The design arc does not physically exist. The delays and dangers in collecting such measurements are as obvious as the likelihood of erroneous measurements. With laser scanning, all the measurements were collected in 1.5 days, entirely from ground level. A savings in time, money, and safety.

The size of the girders and their eccentricity are exaggerated in this diagram.