3D Imaging Services has partnered with EcoDomus. EcoDomus is used by some of the largest facility owners. EcoDomus helps these owners to deploy Building Information Models (BIM) for facility management. EcoDomus simplifies the process of defining facility data requirements (using COBie as the foundation), aggregating the data, and automating the QC process for that data throughout design, construction and handover.

At project completion, the information is in a SQL database and linked to 3D geometry and accessible via the web. The data syncs via the CMMS application. This provides an integrated BIM for an FM solution. In addition, the data can be linked bidirectionally to the other systems used to manage and operate facilities such as BAS, CAFM, and GIS.

For an owner EcoDomus makes the best use of BIM models. Through the EcoDomus Dashboard, you will have a single access point to all the data and 3D geometry with a light and nimble user interface. 

The benefits of using BIM for PM (Project Management) & FM (Facilities Management) are numerous: 

EcoDomus PM: 

  • Retain information that is currently lost at project turnover such as product information and asset data.
  • Project data can be validated and checked to ensure that the proper information is being collected. You will achieve significant time cost savings with correct data. 
  • Data is updated as changes happen. This means owners get accurate as-built data at turnover.
  • The project information is standardized and easily integrated with other databases.
  • As digital documents come into the construction manager they are linked to building assets in one easy to use database. 
  • Easily shared information means faster and more effective communication among project management team members.
  • Timely information allows ample lead time to purchase project material. 

EcoDomus FM: 

  • Facility managers are trained digitally in 3D to use equipment before they see it in the facility. 
  • The right information, easily accessible, will reduce the cost of preventative maintenance.
  • Response time is reduced for an emergency service request. 
  • The integration of EcoDomus FM with existing building automation systems improves energy efficiency and also helps the owner achieve a better LEED evaluation.
  • Space Management is visually easier and faster because occupancy and vacancy is color coded. 
  • Information about the location and condition of assets is better because the data are displayed visually in 3D. 
  • Mobile devices such as tables are used in the facility to assess conditions and therefore improve budgeting and the speed and cost of repairs. 
  • Photographs of the equipment, taken with the mobile device, can be attached to work orders which reduces confusion about the work to be done.
  • Even during construction, preventative maintenance jobs can be scheduled. 
  • Commissioning agents will take less time to complete their work if they use the standardized databases of Ecodomus FM.

3D Imaging Sevices partnered with EcoDomus, provides a complete solution for as-built documentation, life-cycle data management, and integrated facilities management.