Creating as-built documentation of power distribution substations creates challenges for power companies when planning a re-design. The first and most important challenge is to assure the safety of the team sent in to manually measure the sub-station. Working around live, high voltage electricity is dangerous. Likewise, sending internal engineering teams into these environments is costly and time consuming. Collecting as-built measurements of a working substation often takes four to six weeks.
Accurate and complete as-built models of the sub-station are necessary to reduce design time and avoid construction problems and delays.
3D laser scanning can solve the challenges of safety and manual measurements before re-design. The timesavings, completeness, speed, and accuracy of laser scanning for sub-stations is a substantial improvement over manual methods. Laser scanning eliminates unnecessary costs for revisiting a substation to collect more measurements. Laser scanning will completely document any sub-station within hours not weeks, from a safe distance and without touching anything or putting crews in harm’s way. This avoids safety issues, costly downtime, and interrupted electrical services to customers.