On any production line, a tension exists between the financial impacts of lengthy downtime and the need for ongoing maintenance and plant improvements.

3D Coordinated Sterilizer Skid.jpg

In the case of one food ingredients producer, the installation of a new sterilizer system highlighted this tension. Production would be interrupted during installation, and extended downtime would have a significant impact on the bottom line.

Skid Fabrication

Fabricator Andy J. Egan Co., Inc. constructed the sterilizer as a “plug-and-play” modular package, complete with insulation and controls. Meanwhile, sister company 3D Imaging Services traveled to the manufacturer’s site to scan the location where the sterilizer would be installed.

When fabrication was complete, 3DIS performed a quality scan of the modules, verifying that the as-built dimensions precisely matched the design and that all tie-in points would align with site conditions. In addition, 3DIS scanned the surrounding areas, to identify any potential obstacles that would prevent installation.

By verifying critical conditions in advance of shipping and providing an accurate model to the customer, 3DIS removed the potential for unexpected field work and minimized interruptions to production during installation.

Hear the project team describe the verification process.