Testimonials from our clients

John E. Green appreciates the effort you put forth in performing your work in the existing facility so co-ordination could continue. This definitely has helped with the schedule and has enabled the owner to actually see where his piping will be installed. The personal that came out were very informative in what they were doing and I look forward to using your services in the future. Your personal attention to this project helped the owner recognize the benefits to the project.
— Peter Fulan - John E. Green Company

3D Imaging Services provided exceptional 3D laser scanning and 3D modeling services for South Quad in Ann Arbor, MI. The as-built model they provided helped us coordinate in 3D, with all the other subcontractors, eliminating all conflicts before construction and saving weeks of field measuring time.
— Steve Hunt, CM-BIM - Dee Cramer Inc.

3D Imaging Services has provided invaluable support that has enhanced our interior design capabilities. We have significantly reduced time spent in our offices converting old drawings to current and usable AutoCAD files using their services.
— Melina Garza, ASID - American Hotels

One project, four building, three construction types. all connected. One building as early as 1903. Scanning “invaluable” to the architect. Scanning saved many trips to the site. Scanning identified conditions that a visual inspection did not reveal. e.g. serious truss deformation in one building. Exterior walls 8-10” out of plumb in another.
— Doug Johnson - Architect

I am a Professional Engineer licensed in the State of Ohio. I have utilized 3D imaging on several projects over the last decade. Two projects were executed with the help of 3D Imaging Services.

The team at 3D Imaging Services made multiple trips to the site to ensure that the right equipment was used and that they understood the scope of the projects. In the case of the pipe spool verification they were on-site within 2 business days of my call. They work to understand what you need from the project. In my reactor project’s case I needed piping drawings – I did not need lighting - the data was there but was not rendered. The great advantage is in this case they don’t have to come back – if I ever need more information rendered – it is in the point cloud and ready to go.

I highly recommend the team at 3D Imaging Services and the service and expertise they provide.
— John L Kukwa PE