3DIS Vlog

Our new video serious both illustrates and narrates our popular monthly blog posts.

Case Study: Quality Scanning for Construction Fabrication

By using 3D laser scanning to verify site and as-built conditions, a food ingredient producer reduces costly downtown while installing a new sterilizer system.

Case Study: Sleeve Validation Through Progressive Scanning

In the new construction of a 10-story hospital, mechanical contractor Andy J. Egan Co. and sister company 3D Imaging Services employed construction technology solutions that included BIM modeling, point layout and validation. Project managers explain how this process made the sleeve installation more efficient and accurate.

Production Doesn't Stop

By using 3D Laser Scanning in production and manufacturing settings, savvy construction companies can reduce time needed for shutdown and eliminates costly downtime errors. Learn how to keep production moving in this video.

Case Study: BIM Point Layout "Pays For Itself"

Andy J. Egan Co, Inc. foreman Terry Patterson shares how his team saved two weeks on one project site with help from 3D Imaging Services. With nowhere to pull strings from -- the traditional layout method -- 3DIS used BIM Point Layout to quickly and accurately identify plumbing installation points.

Sculptures and Gardens in Grand Rapids

An expansion and renovation project at Frederik Meijer Gardens reaped significant benefits from the use of 3D laser scanning. Learn how 3DIS helped the architects and engineers set the stage the project's success.

PRoductivity Through Progressive Scanning and BIM

Productivity in the construction industry hasn't kept pace with other sectors. Most experts point to communication break downs among project teams as the culprit. We examine how progressive scanning and BIM combine to improve communication and increase job site productivity.

They Said, "We Can't Do That"

Applying sophisticated technology to unusual conditions separates the average provider from the superior. Last year, 3D Imaging Services spoke to Sight & Sound Theatres about scanning and modeling the interior of their 2,000+ seat theater in Pennsylvania. (sight-sound.com) One of the largest theaters of its kind, Sight & Sound produces elaborate, sophisticated renditions of Biblical events. When asked, other scanning companies had told Sight & Sound, "We can't do that." But 3D Imaging Services took on this challenge.

Everything Moves: Part 1

Monitoring subtle movements through 3D Laser Scanning can be used in disaster prevention. Future collapses in walls, bridges and building facades can be predicated and abated when scans detect changes not visible to the eye. See real life applications for these techniques.

Everything Moves: Part 2

3D Laser Scanning can be used to detect movement over time, something even historic architects, such as Thomas Jefferson, had to account for in construction. Today, the measurement of these subtle movements is crucial to modern production and warehousing. Learn about this and another surprising application -- combating smugglers into the U.S. -- from the experts at 3D Imaging Services